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Are you struggling to be happy and optimistic? Do you feel weighed down with your problems?  What would you like to

be different? Would you like to be more confident, enjoy life more, have better relationships and feel fulfilled? What is getting in the way of this happening?  Would it help to explore what keeps you stuck and look at ways to understand this and help you move forward?

We all experience emotional difficulties during our lives.  Usually we are able to cope and resolve these ourselves, often with the help of family or friends.  When we realise that we are not coping or recovering from these difficulties or are stuck in destructive patterns of behaviour or thinking, it may be time to seek more specialised help to produce change and recovery.


 I offer the opportunity to discuss and explore your problems as I am neutral, non-judgemental

and have no agenda. I can enable you to identify your problems and work through them so you can make changes and move on.  I am an integrative counsellor which means I am trained in a range of counselling theories and interventions so that I can tailor the counselling for you.



Sarah Davenport Counselling

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