“I would like to thank Sarah for her help.  It changed me for the better and it helped me to move on with my own life.”

“Sarah believed in me and helped me find and believe in myself again.”

“Sarah is fantastic at her job I can’t praise her enough.”

“Thank you for your time and patience you have shown me.”

“Personally, I have found counselling with Sarah to be very supportive and helpful.”

“I cannot thank Sarah enough for the ability to understand my problems and to understand me.  She did the most incredible job in helping me. She is remarkable and I am so grateful for the support I received.”

“Sarah was excellent. I would not be here now if it wasn’t for her. Thank you.”

“It has given me my life back and allowed me to find myself.”

“Sarah was a vital support to me in my therapy. I feel so much stronger and I realised that I had to do the work and I achieved a positive result in doing so.”

“Sarah was a great help to me when things were at their worst. Her understanding of my situation was excellent, her integrity is beyond reproach.”

“Thank you for helping me through my hard times and being there for me”

“I found the counselling immensely helpful. Sarah was very patient and understanding.”